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Sophitex is a professional designer, developer and manufacturer of extensive range of a very high quality ESD fabrics (woven and knitted),antistatic garments and wears such as :
Smocks (coats) jackets, men and women button-down shirts, pants, polo shirts,T-shirts, Sweatshirts, cardigans and more.

All products are manufactured under tough QA process and control with the best of experience and knowledge in both area – ESD and Textile.

Sophitex manufactures high quality, antistatic garments and wears , all products are tested for preserving their ESD properties.

Sophitex premium antistatic fabrics, garment and wears, were tested and found to keep their ESD properties for more then over 100 washings at industrial laundries, Sophitex woven antistatic fabrics are wrinkle free.

Our team of experts design, develop and manufacture per our customers needs, custom designs or under customer private label

Please visit our Cycle of Production line.

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