Sophitex is specialized in manufacturing in house of technical textile ,special Antistatic fabrics,antistatic wears and garments. Our products meet Standard ESD IEC 61340-5-1 

Who is Sophitex ? 
Sophitex is a manufacturer of ESD fabrics and garments for many years with a most demanding quality control system .
Sophitex exports world wide to leading customers with complete satisfaction.
Sophitex is involved in antistatic business with Krap Fabrics Ind. since 1996

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 Sophitex Management




Dr. Uri Melamed (Chem.Ph.D) , CEO , Co founder

Dr. Melamed has more than 35 years of experience in business management
a successful experience in marketing, consulting, development and research in hi-tech industry. Dr. Melamed has a lot of contacts with leading companies worldwide. Dr. Uri Melamed holds Ph.D degree in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University, Israel.



Mr. Menachem Krap, CTO, Co founder


Mr. Krap is a second generation of professional weavers has an experience of 35 years in textile industry , and 14 years in ESD industry. Mr Krap has a wide experience in designing and developing technical textiles. Area of accountability include research and development of sophisticated textile and special fabrics .Mr. Krap holds B.A in Economics from the Tel Aviv University, Israel



Mr. Oded Ziv, VP Sales and Marketing


Mr. Ziv is responsible for company's worldwide sales and marketing. Area of accountability include overall global sales and marketing development efforts, product development branding and communications. Mr. Ziv holds B.Sc. (cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from the Tel Aviv University, Israel



Mrs. Noa Ziv, VP Operations


Mrs. Ziv is responsible for overall company's operations. Areas of accountability include overseas and domestic production, worldwide customer service, inventory control, distribution logistics, finance and corporate profitability. Restructured and streamlined operations to support corporate growth. Mrs. Ziv holds BA (cum laude) in Economics and Management from the Tel Aviv Open University, Israel


Our vision – people needs
Our vision is to fulfill people needs by supply products that are long lasting , washing withstanding , ergonomically designed and maximum comfort.
Fast deliveries to customers, high quality control and fair prices are part of our company's vision.
Our products
Sophitex is a professional designer, developer and manufacturer of extensive range of a very high quality ESD fabrics ( woven and knitted ), antistatic garments and wears such as :
Smocks (coats) and jackets, men and women button-down shirts, pants, polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, cardigans and more.
All of Sophitex products are developed manufactured and tested according to our non compromising quality system.

Sophitex high quality products are the result of our many years of experience and knowledge in both areas – ESD and Textile.
Sophitex manufactures only high quality, antistatic garments , the products are all tested ( see example ) for preserving their ESD properties and meeting not only the  IEC 61340-5-1 standard ,but also to Sophitex high quality standards.

Sophitex premium antistatic fabrics, garment and wears, were tested and found to keep their ESD properties for more then over 100 washings at industrial laundries, Sophitex woven antistatic fabrics are wrinkle free.
Our team of experts design, develop and manufacture per our customers needs, custom designs or under customer private label.

Manufacturing process and quality control
We use only highest quality raw materials, our products are specially designed to meet the top of our customers needs.
The name of Sophitex is guarantee for top quality antistatic products.
Cycle of production line - click to see in full screen
Know how and experience
Sophitex team use a traditional second generation know how with an advanced technology research and high quality control system.
We design, develop, manufacture and export world wide special woven and knitted ESD fabrics , Unique designed antistatic garments and wears with exceptional quality.
High quality standards 
The antistatic fabrics and garments are IEC 61340-5-1 compatible and comply with the ESD Association Garment Standard, ESD-STM2.1.

Research and development
Sophitex invests in research and development of smart textile solution especially for ESD market.
Sophitex uses new innovative technology for the production that put the products one step above others.
World wide export
Sophitex became a leading manufacturer and world wide exporter of smart and sophisticated textiles.
Including antistatic fabrics, wears garments and cloths .
Sophitex is exporting worldwide to:

  • USA and Canada –(Tax Free).
  • Europe – (Tax Free). Germany, Switzerland, Austria , Italy ,UK Ireland Spain, Netherlands, France.,Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia .
  • Asia – India,China and Singapore.

Service and markets
Our products are being used successfully with leading manufacturers all over the world in various markets such: Automotive , Electronics industry and cleanrooms, medical and biological protection, military industry and health.
Fast customer service
Sophitex supplies customers needs , we design , we manufacture , we supply , exactly what you need efficiently and routinely.
Tell us about your needs or any special designs, we can do it !
Fast deliveries, efficient customer service , quick response.
Contact us for any question and enquiry. 


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